Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the geraniums are dead

Today is a beautiful, warm, sunny day. 
But the geraniums are dead. 
Blue purple pansies still bloom 
But the geraniums are dead 
The last of the leaves piled under the hose and by the back door have been swept away. 
The geraniums are dead. 
I watered both trees. 
Thanking them for their beauty and summer shade. 
This is the in-between time -- 
The last days between Halloween and Thanksgiving. 
The lull before the holiday marathon. 
So, even as I toss the dead leaves and geraniums 
Into the yard waste container 
I savor the quiet -- 
The warmth -- 
The gentle breeze. 
I try to absorb the peace 
And slanting light, 
Storing it up. 

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