Tuesday, November 13, 2012

so much for arrogance

We are the most arrogant species – often behaving as if, even believing that, we are the whole point of creation. 

And yet.

 And yet when a beloved pet is ill – or worse, dies – we become acutely aware of our deep emotional attachment to at least one other specimen of one other species.

 Remington, my friend’s beloved dog died this week. Another friend’s dog, Cai, is in jeopardy. So one friend is bereft and the other scared. If you believe in that sort of thing, please send them both good energy/prayers.

My cats had their annual check-up/shots last week. Guinness passed but Herbie had to go back today for dental cleaning and a possible tooth extraction.

 When I brought him in, the receptionist gave me a form – authorizing treatment, anesthesia, blood work, and a dozen other things – and basically exonerating the veterinarian from legal liability.

 Not the kind of thing you want to sign for a being who has been with you for ten years.

 My instructions were to stop giving him food after 10 p.m. last night and to give him no breakfast this morning.

 I was to bring him in between 8:30 and 9 a.m. I didn’t have breakfast until 9:30. I couldn’t eat in front of him.

As a UU (Unitarian Universalist) I  believe in the interconnected web of all creation -- and today especially my deep interconnection with my cats.

[Herbie’s home now and fine, thank goodness.]

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  1. We recently had to put down one of our beloved cats, and the weight of that responsibility and its accompanying sadness is hard to carry. We have a houseful of critters with whom we are permanently entwined, so I can well appreciate this post. Glad Herbie's well and back home!