Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sweetheart City

I live in Loveland, Colorado. 

Predictably, the city goes crazy every Valentine’s Day. 

Citizens submit designs, verses, and cachet content and the winners are selected for the year's official Valentine’s components. 

The cards are sold in almost every local store. 

A Miss Loveland Valentine is selected from among comely high school students. Later the winner will have a special audience with the Colorado governor when she is introduced to the state legislators in Denver. 

Senior high school students paint ‘love notes’ on red wooden hearts that are hung from light posts on all major streets. The Loveland Thompson Valley Rotary Club sells ‘heart space’ as its major fundraiser. 

Volunteers gather to hand cancel mail with the official cachet before it enters the postal mainstream. 

And on the day itself, or close to it, a “Sweetheart Festival” is held in the city’s historic district. 

I’m probably leaving something out. It’s all kind of fun. 

Personally, I received some nice emails and had a lovely Skype visit with my grandson. But the only Valentine card I received was from the staff at my dentist’s office. 

It made me smile.