Monday, May 30, 2011

Statistical 'Cheer'

     Most of the time, I am quite content. My expectations of being whisked away by a gallant gentleman on a white horse have long been low – even nonexistent. I had no problem with that but a recent news item made it clear that there never was much hope.
     According to an Associated Press article printed last Friday in my local paper, there’s been a major reduction in the “women’s population advantage, primarily in the 65-plus age group.” [That happens to be my age group.]
    “Over the past decade,” the article continued, “the number of men in the U.S. increased by 9.9 percent, faster than the 9.5 percent growth rate for women. As a result, women outnumbered men by just 5.18 million, [my italics] compared with 2000, when there were 5.3 million more women than men.”
     Why am I not thrilled?
     I never wanted women to have the ‘population advantage.’
     The odds have never been in my favor anyway. Older single women are not considered prime dating material. So, even if there are merely 5.18 million more women than men, the chances of my getting a date are hardly astronomical. Or even measurable.
      Ah well. Thanks Associated Press for keeping it real.

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