Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Tradition

It was my son’s idea. While here for Thanksgiving, he helped me put up my Christmas tree. After a few hours of putting on ornaments, he had a great suggestion: why not set a dozen or so aside and invite visitors to put them on – wherever they want.

So I did. And it’s been a delight. Older people want to know the ornaments’ stories. Younger people just proceed with big smiles and eyes, adding their own special magic to the tree. My tree now reflects not just my memories but also all the good vibrations of all of those who have added the ornaments they selected. And I have the fun of finding out where my favorites might be hiding.

I know I already posted something about my tree but this year, because so many have ‘had a hand in it’, it is the most wonderful tree I have ever had

AND I have just addressed and stamped my last Christmas card! Now the only holiday chores are wrapping and cooking.

Sometimes I wonder why I make it Christmas such a big deal. Then I remember … it’s just an excuse to tell and show the people you care about that you care about them – a chance to celebrate connections. And maybe even make so new ones.

So ho, ho, ho!

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