Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Time Warp

What happens to time in December?

Every year, I try to do as many preparations as possible before Thanksgiving. I go into the family/friends/food holiday almost smug, thinking I have an entire month to finish the decorating, cooking, buying, wrapping, mailing, cards etc., etc. Plenty of time.


So here it is, the evening of Dec. 5. I’m late posting a blog. I’ve not wrapped a single present or written a single card. I have three (no, it’s actually four) special events to go to and/or prepare for in the week ahead. And I have already spent too much money.

Thank goodness the house is decorated. And the cats have not destroyed anything – not even an ornament on the Christmas tree. [One year they knocked the whole thing over – twice!] That’s done and helps keep me going.

The race is on.

With luck, I’ll stay focused enough to get everything done … and done with the love I intend.

I wish the same for you. And I know you will understand if this particular (and belated) blog is a bit skimpy.


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