Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saved by a Large Box

Often, after breakfast and morning chores, I’ll enter my study to find my two cats waiting for me. Sometimes they perch, one each, on the windowsills. Other times they will have found good vantage points on my desk. I turn on the computer and wait for them to go through their individual rituals.

Herbie may approach first, introducing the encounter with a head butt. He stands in front of the computer keyboard, expecting (and getting) caresses. [Both cats learned long ago that the keyboard itself is forbidden territory that, trespassed, transforms their usually mild-mannered human into a screaming terror.] It usually takes only a few moments to persuade Herbie onto my lap so I can at least see the screen and even maneuver the ‘mouse’ enough to check email. He’ll arch into my hand and sometimes stretch out his legs to brace himself against the desk so I can rub him harder. He is a very sensual creature.

Guinness has a slightly different technique. He’ll walk in front of the keyboard [cats remember] and then fall sideways toward my shoulder, prompting me to catch, hold, and pet him there. Purrs are my only reward. Eventually, I ease him onto my lap, first scratching his tummy then, eventually, coaxing him into a curled configuration that allows me to get to work.

This morning I began unobstructed. This morning a large box containing their new scratching post was delivered. Other contents included the spray that I use to protect my Christmas tree and some catnip. Which had spilled. They were, I believe, in the feline equivalent of hog heaven.

I decided to allow their orgy since it allowed me some unhindered computer time – time to write a new entry for my blog.

This is it.

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