Sunday, November 7, 2010


Pelicans have been passing through this area for a month or so now. They stop to rest (or sunbathe) at the north end of Lake Loveland. Every time I drove past them I thought that I really must photograph them. Illness and general busyness seemed to make that impossible. Their numbers were dwindling (as, I presume, the majority have already gone someplace south) and I was afraid I had missed my opportunity. But on a recent morning when I drove past the lake to an appointment, it looked like they were still there. I came home and did some dutiful computer stuff then just stopped, grabbed my camera and headed out.

From the shore, they mostly looked like big white lumps. (I was afraid for a moment that they might be geese.) Then one stood and was indeed a pelican. I was still far away from them. Lake Loveland is really a reservoir for Greeley's water supply. Evidently Greeley's been thirsty lately so the water level had dropped and there was a big swath of (mostly) dry lakebed. I eased down and walked on, taking pictures every four yards or so as I got closer and closer.

My approach awakened most of them. They got up, stretched, and moved closer to or in the water. There, they stretched and preened.

Every once in awhile, one of the pelicans would extend its amazing beak. That happened really fast. I was lucky to get a picture. I got pretty close but I didn't want to scare them away (or sink into the mud) so I stopped and walked back to the shore and my car.

It was the best hour I've spent in a long time.


  1. Thank for sharing your pictures. You got a couple of great shots.

  2. Mim,

    Glad you grabbed an hour off to enjoy the pelicans. It seems that they should be out of place in Colorado, but that makes them all the more enjoyable. The contrast of their white and orange colors against a blue sky is always a treat.

    Keep blooming, by the way, against all the odds!