Thursday, July 29, 2021

Two Digit Prayer

I am a two digit person…someone who can tolerate only two digit weather. In summer, the temperature should never reach three digits. [It did yesterday –102!!] In winter, the temperature should never fall below two digits…ever. But it does. And it will again. In both seasons -- too hot in summer, two cold in winter. Too dry. Too wet. Anyone who has been paying the slightest attention must surely be aware of the wildfires, the floods, the hurricanes, and droughts. [And perhaps the epidemics.] 

This is what they said would happen because of climate change aka global warming. It’s happening. 

All those in authority – locally, nationally, internationally must act to reduce those activities/practices that exacerbate those changes which threaten the viability of this planet. They may. I hope they do. But all of us must alter our own lifestyles and practices. Slow things down. Consume less. Make more careful choices. I don’t know that we will. We’ve never been very good at ‘being good’. 

But I am not sure we have much choice. I believe (because I want to believe) that we can. I at least will try. I would love to see blue skies again instead of the haze from wildfires and auto exhaust. I would love my grandson to be able to thrive, run in green meadow, be astounded by majestic elk, perhaps fish or swim in crystalline streams. And breathe deeply the clear fresh air.