Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hard Issues

On average, I delete about 90 emails a day. 

The algorithm that runs the show seems incapable of guessing my gender. I have in the past week, received two with the subject line: Men’s Health News (first sentence begins-- If you have ED). I don’t. 

Other subject lines: Impotence (How to Control Your Penis); Male Enhancement, Harder and Longer, Breaking Alert (Men, You Don’t Need Viagra), Hardness Issues, Hardness, etc. 

↑   I realize that this can be critically important in some relationships. I am glad there are resources available. 

But I want to know a couple of things. Is the problem so pervasive that random emails will reach thousands in need? 

And why, if the problem is so pervasive, are there stories of sexual assault in nearly every edition of the paper? 

 And why is there the “Me Too” movement? 

And why was there an article in today’s NY Times that more than 100,000 sexual assault cases have resulted in 1,000 arrests with more on the horizon? And “another 155,000 or more sex assault evidence kits still await testing.” 

And why are there 48,000 immigrants being held in ICE for-profit detention centers? Yes. That’s a related story. 

We need to start treating other human beings as if they are persons of value. 

Because they are.

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