Thursday, January 3, 2019

I want a lion

This is Harlan’s lion. 

As Linus used a blanket, Harlan (age 3) uses his lion. It's something for him to hold on to when things (either good or bad) get overwhelming. 

Mostly the news is about something terrible ... every day: 
A pipeline . . . 
A wall . . .
A shooting or bombing . . .
A massive fire or tsunami . . .
Alliances shattered; treaties ignored . . .
Environmental safeguards dissolved . . .
Governments paralyzed or paranoid or predatory . . .
More than 260 million people wandering the planet with no home and little hope -- having left everything they have ever known ... Millions escaping the unacceptable, only to become unacceptable. 
All kinds of toxicity

All the time

I (considerably older than 3)want a lion


  1. I hope you get one.

  2. You'll certainly getta lion when you
    perish: 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, dear,
    either in Seventh-Heaven ...or the
    Abyss of the Damned. Your choice.
    Im choosing the Great Beyond. Know how?

    Do you...
    1) love Almighty God?
    2) love your neighbor?
    Cya Upstairs soon ♥️