Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Literary Advantages

Everyone know that books, in whatever form, are among the greatest things there are -- magic carpets to other worlds, other ideas, fascinating people and great beauty.

They are also therapeutic.

If you are sick and have been ordered to rest -- even if you are not so sick that you really want to rest but you know you'd better rest or you will never get over whatever it is you have -- books are essential.

Books can distract you from self-pity -- keep you from straying from the couch or bed and generally keep your brain engaged when you have begun to fear that it will never be engaged again. 

In that regard, among many others, books are infinitely more valuable than television or DVDs -- plus they are easy to 'pause' if you have urgent needs or fall asleep.

So the next time your metabolism goes askew and you are overcome by waves of whatever, go ahead and fluff up your pillows and take whatever pills your healthcare professional prescribes -- as long as you also have a brilliant tome (or two) at hand.

I here testify that the sure cure is the following combination: bed, antibiotics, and books.

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