Sunday, January 10, 2016

Celebrating Connections

Discussing Christmas cards, a friend noted that they are beautiful but asked 'what do you do with them?"

I think the answer is that they are like fine dinners. You savor them.

Shortly before Christmas I confessed that I wanted to somehow connect with my entire circle of special acquaintances... whether by snail mail or email or telephone or hugs.

I did pretty well. I didn't reach everyone but most. And I was rewarded with personal and paper and electronic greetings that brightened my days. I propped the tangible ones in a rather haphazard display on a living room shelf.

They made me smile.

Then I almost recycled them.  All except those with family pictures or handmade creations or other qualities that made them keepsakes.

So much for savoring.

Remembering my vow, I rescued some of them from their ecological destination and took a couple pictures.

Okay. So I recycled most of them and these are essentially two photos of the same batch. Still they comprise an almost permanent record of one holiday commitment and a bounty of blessings--
a celebration of connections.


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