Thursday, October 22, 2015

Barely Living Through Chemistry

Well that title isn't really accurate.

If I take all the pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements I am supposed to take, I do just fine.

Think of Hansel and Gretel a half a century or more later. Instead of bread crumbs, I could drop a trail of pills and capsules.

Recently, I actually counted them all.

Before breakfast, I take 2 digestive aids, 1 probiotic and 2 or 3 Vitamin D capsules.

After breakfast, I take 1 multivitamin (without iron because I am post-menopausal), 2 ‘macular protect’ capsules (really, more vitamins), 1 statin to fight cholesterol, 1 capsule (to protect my liver/kidney from the statin), and 1 MSM for joint flexibility.

At night, I take 2 cal/mag/zinc tablets (for joints I think), ½ of a blood pressure tablet, 1 allergy pill (which I probably wouldn’t need if I got rid of my cats … which I won’t), 2-3 capsules for night leg pain and, finally, 2-3 melatonin concoctions to help me sleep.

So every single day – between 18 ½ and 21 ½ remedies and aids.

At minimum it ensures that I drink more water.

And I am – mostly – grateful. Being able to function at my age is cool. It’s just a little time-consuming.

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