Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Four AAA Batteries

It had been a long day and I needed (or felt that I needed) a television break.

I now have three remotes to use if I wish to be electronically amused.

One, turns on the machine. That worked.

Another, connects to the satellite feed. That did not work.

Another, connects to DVDs. That might work.

The satellite feed remote had dead batteries – four AAA batteries.

Nothing in my battery drawer sufficed. Therefore, if I was going to be electronically amused, I would need to find a DVD.

Long ago, during a PBS station pledge drive, I bought the documentary, “Pete Seeger, the Power of Song.” I put that in.

And played it.

I don’t cry at movies or much of anything. That documentary brings me close to tears.

One person, one talent, one passion for justice -- for people, for the earth – the closest thing to a saint any of us will ever know.

Watching a documentary on Pete Seeger’s life is watching a template for what a life can be.

I am so grateful that I was out of AAA batteries. I needed to be recharged.

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