Monday, October 7, 2013

Too Many Calendars

As of today I have received eight 2014 wall calendars from various environmental and or humane organizations.

And twenty or so Christmas catalogs.

It's not Halloween yet but stores have carried orange and black paraphenalia for the last two months.

Is this a conspiracy?

Are all our benevolent institutions and corporations determined to have us think ahead -- and buy ahead?

Is this just an American thing or is it now universal?

Must we always rush toward the next holiday?

What happened to living in the moment?

To savoring the autumnal slant of sunshine and the kaliedescope of turning leaves?

How about strolling in temperatures close to perfect -- warm enough to enjoy without undue sweat?

And eating soup again.

And snuggling under a blanket.

I urge you to resist the rush. To notice what is going on today. To be one hundred percent present to people and pets and sunsets. You can order Christmas cards later.

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