Saturday, August 31, 2013


They have closed the lake in Loveland, Colorado.

Lake Loveland isn't really a lake. It's a reservoir disguised as a lake. [It works. People swim and boat and water ski in it and on it.]

The water is being used to irrigate fields. That's what it's there for. It's the end of summer and hot. The crops (mostly in Greeley) need water. Every day there is less and less water in the lake.

I wonder. What if they drill more fracking wells? (Greeley has a lot of them.)
There will be even less water.

What if they build more housing developments? (All of northern Colorado has housing developments.)

There will be even less water.

Some day – sooner than we think – there will be no water.

No place for boats and swimmers and pelicans.

But with more fracking wells, we'll have natural gas to export and jobs to generate income so we can buy all those houses and all the water those families will need.

If we can find water.

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