Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The people cat

My cat Herbie loves people.

All my friends know the story of the one time he got out and I got him back into the house by ringing the doorbell. He wanted to see the company. 

It took him a long time to learn to ignore doorbells on television. 

When I use the speaker phone he jumps up on the counter to listen in. 

Even today when the carpet cleaner brought his big, loud machines into the house, Herbie followed him around, leaving only when the machines were switched on. 

Just last week, he discovered yet another possible source of human companionship. Shooed off the bed as I was making it, he inadvertently stepped on the bedside clock switch that turned on the radio. Voices erupted. Herbie was mesmerized. I turned the radio off and Herbie wandered away, disconsolate. 

Now I wonder if he will try to find that switch again. 

Anything for company.

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