Monday, April 29, 2013


We live in a linear society -- perpetually moving forward or up or both. 

But the Truth lives in circles: the circles of the seasons, of the sun and moon, the paths of planets. And we can touch the Truth in circles of community. 

Last week I stepped out of my ordinary circles and routines to be with my brother on his birthday and my friend for her mother’s funeral. 

The birthday party revealed ways we can love each other: by what we cook, by the things we give each other, by the laughter we share. We were a circle of family warmed by each other – a circle of love in a late April snowstorm. 

It was harder to find the circles at the funeral. People sat in separate pews, then at separate tables. There were evanescent circles that formed, then vanished as siblings looked at photos of their mother’s past. 

I slipped away from the sorrow to briefly visit the Garden of the Gods where the circle of great stones – perhaps a great vortex – comforted me. 

Later, I went with my friend to her AA meeting. Sitting on the side, I witnessed absolute community – where people shared their struggles with absolute honesty and humor, knowing they would not be judged, only supported. Hallelujah. 

There are circles everywhere – in churches, in coffee shops, in AA meetings, and writing groups. Find one. Find many. Circle round.

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