Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Sick

It’s just a cold – admittedly a bad cold, and it’s still here after almost two weeks. 

 I finally consulted a health professional and am actually following her instructions -- taking pills and herbs and drinking gallons of liquids. 

Things are getting better. I don’t cough so much. I don’t blow my nose so often. 

 I have food and tea (and brandy) and Kleenex and toilet paper so survival is assured. Plus, I have DVDs and an upstairs book and a downstairs book so I can comply with orders for resting. 

AND I have two attendant felines who are monitoring my condition carefully. 

When I lie down, the cats come and cuddle. 

When I sit to watch television or read, they come sit with me. Sometimes they take turns. 

 When I’m feeling a little perkier, they play, chasing a fluffy ball or a plastic wand with feathers. 

 Plus they do funny things or groom each other or curl up in a furry yin yang – and make me smile. It makes it harder to feel sorry for myself. 

 That’s a good thing. And I’m grateful. 

 Soon, I hope, I’ll even be healthy.

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