Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Sun

I don't have grandchildren.

That would be sad and kind of lonely if it were not for the fact that kids 'adopt' me. Every once in a while, a very young person (usually connected with my congregation) decides that he or she (usually a she) thinks I'm really nice and decides to sit with me and/or give me things made in religious exploration classes.

Most recently I have been adopted by Taylor (or whatever name she is using at the moment -- it takes time to decide these things). I'm not sure how old she is, perhaps six or seven. She is a wonder -- perhaps because -- like many people her age -- she is full of wonder.

Going through the mail that accumulated while I was away for a few days, I found an envelope with my name and address in red and Taylor's name and address in the return corner, underlined with a tiny heart.

Inside, was a piece of scrap paper on which Taylor had printed the following:

The Sun
The sun makes me feel warm and relaxed
and it reminds me of a big warm ball of blankets.

And so. I am blessed. And it feels like a big warm ball of blankets.

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