Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hooray for Gray!

When I first moved to Colorado, I was amazed and delighted by the preponderance of sunny days. 

 Recently, not so much. 

 For weeks now, we’ve had temperatures in the three digits (or too darned close to three digits) exacerbated by huge fires which, while never endangering my home and cats, have filled the air with particulate matter and/or smoke. 

 There was an old song about this, something like, “Too Damned Hot!” 

 [For all the hundreds of people who lost their homes, for all the trees burned, for all the animals threatened, I acknowledge that my discomfort is a minimal concern. I extend my sincere sympathy and note that I, like everyone else in this state, have been doing all that I can think of to induce the rain we all so desperately need. I even got my car washed.]

 Ah, but yesterday. Yesterday we had cloud cover and even a little rain. It was marvelous. Civilized. Almost comfortable. 

 It is still hot, but reasonably hot. Right now, it’s clouding over again. There is hope – at least I have hope – of rain. 

 Having spent many of my younger years in places where gray skies were the norm, I never, ever thought I would celebrate clouds. But I do. 

 Hooray for the gray!

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