Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Cats Again

After five consecutive days of holiday company – including one Welsh Corgi (that’s a dog, sort of) -- my house is once again quiet.

One cat, Herbie, enjoyed everyone, even the dog.

The other cat, Guinness, mostly hid except for those nanoseconds when, made desperate by hunger or other basic needs, he tore through the living room so fast that he was a charcoal blur.

Several of my guests actually saw this. They had to look fast.

This afternoon, now that the house is quiet again, he has emerged. He spent most of the day in my vicinity – or on my shoulder or on my lap.

And when he took a break, Herbie showed up.

It was great to have holiday company. I enjoyed each visitor.

But it is also great to have two cats again.

Long may they purr.

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