Thursday, November 24, 2011

More than a Sister-in-Law

I’m Bill McClure’s sister, Mim – officially, Jayne McClure’s sister-in-law.

But, really, Jayne’s sister.

Not because we were very much alike.

I wear make up. Sometimes, when she was dressing up, Jayne wore lipstick.

I’m obsessive/compulsive about almost everything.

Jayne was matter-of-fact, casual, straightforward, practical and brilliant.

I’ve wandered down many woo-woo spiritual paths that Jayne pretty much ignored.

I love my cats. She put up with them.

None of these things mattered.

We pretty much always loved each other because we loved the same people.

But after a while, it was clear that we just plain loved each other.

I admired her as a wife, mother, teacher, citizen, and, finally as my sister.

And I saw her wisdom, and courage, and great, great heart.

Even during her last days.

I loved her. I miss her. I will honor her memory forever.

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  1. Very nice tribute to your sister-in-law, Mim. I'm sorry I never got to meet her. The ceremony held in her remembrance seemed like a great way to bring a little comfort to those left behind. I think your memoir will help nudge people into remembering some of the people significant in their own personal evolution.