Monday, September 19, 2011

Raspberry Lesson

Today was a big harvest: 25 little raspberries from the bushes in my back yard.

I’ve often told people that had I known about the raspberry bushes, I would have paid more for my house. (Raspberries are my very favorite fruit.)

I also have a magnificent, almost historic, redbud tree in my backyard. Like all trees, it grows slowly. But it does grow. And over the nine years I have lived here, the shade it provides has grown denser and denser.

And my raspberry crop has grown smaller and smaller.

I’ve decided that that’s okay.

Shade is wonderful. The tree is wonderful. And I think I appreciate each scrawny individual raspberry more than if there were an abundance of fat, luscious fruit.


Actually, it’s a good lesson: to pay attention to small gifts.

And big trees.

Appreciation is the the foundation of joy.

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