Friday, September 10, 2010

Enough Said

Sometime yesterday, I learned that the Florida idiot who had threatened to burn the Quran had changed his -- giving him the benefit of the doubt-- mind.

My first reaction was: “Thank God!”

Then I had an internal dialogue about which god. I decided I’d thank them all – and all the goddesses and un-gendered spirits that may or may not exist. Thank you.

But how do we atone for the media circus that made one idiot’s thoughtless words a global issue?

It cannot be undone. I remember a parable about gossip, likening it to cutting open a feather pillow on a windy day. It is not possible to retrieve all the feathers . . . or undo all the damage that heedless words can cause.

In this case, when both Christians and Muslims are so over-sensitive about every syllable and comma, I believe the only logical reparation is to allow the Islamic community center to be built as planned, a few blocks away from the infamous Ground Zero.

The numbers 9/11 are seared into my memory and my heart. I honor all those who died nine years ago tomorrow. And all those who worked to rescue and restore them. And all their families.

They were the victims of irrational hatred.

So let’s let the center be built … as a monument to irrational love.

Amen and Shalom and As-Salāmu `Alayku

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