Friday, July 9, 2010

Colorado Disasters

This photograph shows a small portion of the half acre in Silverthorne, CO which serves as the graveyard for tens of thousands of trees killed by the pine beetle.

It was impossible to capture the extent of the graveyard in one or even two photos. And to stand among these fallen trees was to be chilled, shot through with sorrow. I could have been standing in the last pages of Dr. Suess’s The Lorax (see post "Tarred with the Same Brush").

Is the pine beetle scurge a result of global warming, which is in turn caused by humans? I don’t know but I suspect we had something to do with it.

Recently, our local paper reported that there have been nearly 1,000 oil and gas spills in Colorado since January, 2008. “Collectively, those spills have released more than 5.2 million gallons of drilling liquids … into waters that both people and wildlife depend on.”

Colorado is not a big oil producing state. “States with greater production may likely have recorded even more small spills.”

WHAT are we doing to our planet?

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