Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fire Restored

I thought I was empty. That nowhere in my brain resided even one spark of creativity. That I would never again write anything of possible interest to another human being.

You know what turned me around? A committee meeting. Of all things on earth, committee meetings are phenomena that many consider the most deadly. Boring. Useless.

And worse, I was in charge. I was supposed to inspire the others. Not likely.  But I had an agenda – typewritten not hidden.

That afternoon, there were only four of us – not the usual seven. And so many things we needed to accomplish. The probability of success was minimal.

Thinking back, I guess I did have a hidden agenda. I wanted some ideas, some contagious enthusiasm that would stir the embers of my own enthusiasm – and prompt me to blaze new trails, carry on, persevere … and all that.

And lo! As the meeting progressed and the group addressed shared problems, it happened. I began to give a damn again.

Even better, when I asked for ideas for a new project, I got great suggestions. And I was, literally, inspired – coming up with ideas of my own.

How did that happen?

We had a common goal. We were invested in success. We were (and are) intelligent, creative people.

When one kernel popped, another one burst open and we achieved lift off.

I can mix metaphors with the best of them.

But, more important, I can sit in front of my computer and once more move characters across a page and into a story. And I’ll do that, as soon as I type up the minutes of the committee meeting.


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