Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Taste of Chicago

Please don’t blame me. Just because I waxed lyrical about the recent balmy temperatures does not mean that I jinxed the entire northern Colorado region now suffering sub-zero temperatures. Really, it’s not my fault.

Fortunately, having lived many years in Chicago, I have the means to survive this kind of weather. One is my Michelin Man coat in which I look rather like a walking padded cell. But it works.

Then I have these fuzzy lined boots that barely fit over feet clad in both tights and Smart Wool socks. [I wish I got kickbacks for product placement.]

A couple of years ago, my nephew & his family gave me monstrously padded gloves in which my hands resemble black and white lobster claws. They work too although I have to put on normal winter gloves for anything requiring a modicum of dexterity.

I also have a knitted hat that keeps my head warm because it’s too damned cold to worry about coiffures.

Underneath all this are layers of warm things.

I wrap up so well that I can’t really get my seatbelt fastened. [Maybe I could if I took off my gloves and really tried but it’s too ….]

And typically, the temperature will be back to normal, more acceptable temperatures tomorrow.

And I still love Colorado.

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