Sunday, July 14, 2013


I have long believed in the power of circles. Initially, I savored the power of circles of people. Traveling, I discovered the power within circles of megaliths. Later, I created a meditation circle in my own back yard. 

Earlier this summer, I felt drawn to visit Arches National Park. For the beauty of course, but for another, unidentified, reason. A window of opportunity opened and I went. What a spectacular place!

I wandered amid geological splendor. Awed. On one particular day, I hiked back to two specific arches. The first, Tunnel Arch, infused me with its symmetrical beauty. 

The second, Pine Tree Arch, turned out to be the reason for my visit. It was possible to sit under its symmetry, to absorb whatever it had to offer. As I did, I realized that the arch energy not only soared overhead but also swooped underneath, creating . . . a circle of power akin to and different than the other circles I had known.

Struggling with a personal dilemma, I found the strength I needed for a difficult decision. And comfort from a millennial compilation of minerals. 

 It was the power of the circle, squared.

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