Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It is STILL February

Some delusions are acceptable

It’s getting louder outside. Every time I take a walk, there seems to be more birdsong.

The snow having momentarily receded, I can actually see most of my lawn.

When the temperatures rise above 40, it is easy to pretend that spring has arrived.

But that is only an illusion. It is STILL February.

It’s okay for me to be deluded. I can always find my boots.

It’s okay for the birds to be deluded. Feathers are great insulators.

But is not acceptable for my tulips and iris and other bulb-based plants to stick their shoots up through the ground.

It is STILL February. Go back, plants! Cuddle down into the soil and wait a few weeks. Please.

I miss you. I want you to bloom and flourish. When it’s time.

Just wait.

The Spring Equinox arrives March 20. Just three weeks away.

It is STILL February (annoyingly, it will still be February tomorrow). Find someplace warm and stay there.


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